Our philosophy

We are a wine company and our wines gather the best of the Spanish local grapes and traditions, with the winemaking style and techniques of the «New World». The result is a distinctive collection of wines, modern, fruit forward, fresh and easy to understand in every single corner around the world. We complete our range with an extra virgin olive oil varieties and some Spanish tapas. We love the healthy food!!


What we do

We create and commercialize modern, high quality Spanish wines, focusing in the latest consumer world trends, delivering affordable luxury in every bottle.

Why we do it

To elevate the image and prestige of the Spanish wines in the world, by exceeding customer expectations, and surprising consumers with our quality, design, and engagement.

Who we are

sergio pereletegui

Sergio Pereletegui is an entrepreneur, versatile and results-driven profesional with 15+ years of comprehensive experience in the Wine Industry with passion for building brands from their core, generating creative solutions and putting the consumer at the forefront of every stage in the planning process.

With Joaquín Gálvez Bauzá, Winemaker at Bodegas Carchelo, (between 2008-2018) in Jumilla, Spain, a well known person in the wine industry and also famous as  The Wine Man , due his TV wine serial, Sergio discovered what Joaquín declares a totally new approach of wine-making, concentrating in Monastrell grapes tasting and fermenting must tasting. He stayed with Joaquín in 2008-2011 harvest and blending sessions.

He studied Enology and Viticulture, this was after study Political Science, because his father begged him to “study something serious”, so he’s still studying the last subjects….