Want to simplify your life? We’ve done it for you. Our wines need no long-winded jargonistic descriptions or pain-staking food matching advice. They’re just delicious wines. All you have to decide is: white, red, or pink.
We grow different styles of garnacha grapes so we have simply chosen a mixed bag the best tasting grapes from our vineyards, singled them out to make a collection of wines that tick all the boxes: School night? Mid-week pizza? BBQ on the deck? Fish and chips? Hot date? Plastic cup on the beach? Look no further. The Good Life Wines has all the answers.

Vineur wines are all about simplicity and fun, but never boring. Grown at our Navarra vineyards in Spain. The delicious and approachable of our wines are inspired by the everyday drinking wines of Spain. The streamlined range of garnacha fresh and vibrant, designed to be enjoyed in their youth. The blends may change from vintage to vintage but the vibe stays the same.

Discover new levels of wine enjoyment with our premium garnacha varieties.


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